The LDAP Proxy Project

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Web Interface
The LDAP Proxy is a software application designed to seek out and retrieve public X.509 certificates containing public encryption keys. The public encryption key can then be used to encrypt email intended for the person associated with the retrieved certificate.

Client programs such as email utilities (Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Firebird, Lotus Notes, etc.) and web browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape & Mozilla browsers, Firefox, etc.) connect to an LDAP Proxy using either the LDAP protocol or HTML via the LDAP Proxy Web Interface. The client then supplies the Proxy with the email address of the person you wish to send encrypted email to and the Proxy will attempt to find that person's public certificate. If found, the encryption key contained in the certificate can be used to encrypt email that can only be decrypted by the holder of the private encryption key held by the person associated with the public certificate.

The LDAP Proxy application is built from two Open Source components. The LDAP server component is from and the back-end component is a Boeing-written module. Pre-compiled versions of the LDAP Proxy for Linux and Sun Solaris systems are available for download from Source code for the LDAP Proxy is also available from SourceForge and

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